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Posted on April 16, 2017 at 4:55 AM

“He is risen!”

This central tenant of the Christian faith has been much on my mind during 2017's Holy Week. I think it was no accident that the Christian church's founders designed Easter as a moveable feast whose date is determined on a lunisolar calendar, much akin to ancient Pagan rites that celebrated rebirth, renewal, and to some – an eternal life that decisively conquers death. Or as the poet Isiah wrote, “The dead shall be raised, incorruptible.”

If you have been reading my Parkie Chronicles, you know that I’ve had a rough time with my PD meds and messes for some time now. Fact is, you read the sugar-coated version. As my doubtless-exhausted husband, my faithful assistant, and probably my dog can confirm, I’ve been utterly consumed by the task of just getting through the day. When I signed off last week, I faintly expressed the hope that maybe Easter week would be different. Somehow, I thought, maybe this would be the week I could reclaim part of my life. All I had was hope at that point.

"He is risen!"

No change was in sight until Good Friday – and I shall always remember that in 2017, it was Great Friday for me. Cutting to the chase, one of my genius physicians called and said, “Here’s what I want you to do for a week. We’ll likely hit some rough spots, but we’re gonna fix this.” I hadn’t the wherewithal to do anything but comply.

And, lo and behold, a miracle started creating itself right then and there. I was functional an entire 18 hours with only a minor bump or two. I could feel part of what had seemed “dead” inside my essence coming to “life” again. I was quiet all day so I could savor the time – and I even managed to go with Kerry to meet Madison’s midnight plane at the airport, which would have been unheard of the previous day. And I thought, “He is risen."

Mind you, there will be rough times ahead. And someday I’ll take a quantum leap across a Greater Divide. But for now, I shall savor the morsels of life that have been restored to me, for as long as I possibly can.

It’s Easter. It’s spring. It's rebirth and renewal.    He is risen, indeed.

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