a novel by Elizabeth Langdon Andrews


I  can find no words sufficient  to express my abiding  gratitude for the generous support this book has enjoyed since its first chapter appeared more than 20 years ago. 

I am indebted to those friends and mentors who kept it alive and “in progress” for such a long time, as well as to those whose generosity and talent helped push it across the finish line. 

If you are among these luminous souls, you know who you are.

Above all, your faith and love will remain my most enduring reward for completing this uniquely challenging yet ultimately satisfying endeavor.

To you and to my beloved family, this novel is humbly dedicated.




a commentary by the author  

We inhabit a world that grows ever more "virtual" as the lines between fact and fiction grow ever more faint.  Such is the case with MR. NATURAL.  Although at times it may seem "real," this is a work of fiction; more accurately, it is a fantasy, and its characters and stories in no wise represent either "real"  people or "real" events.

That unequivocal point having been made, one should be aware that writers of fiction are nonetheless “a part of all [we] have met" Likewise, those whom we meet are "parts" of us.  Thus, it is both natural and logical for our imaginings to resemble “real” people; in fact, it is inevitable.  Otherwise, we would be left to imagine only “unreal” people, which is definitively impossible. One must not confuse the "believable" with what is perceived to be "real."

If anything, these characters may gently remind us that we are ALL surreal beings, trying to make sense of a largely mysterious universe over which we have no control.

What we do with what we have makes us who we are.

Elizabeth Langdon Andrews

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