a novel by Elizabeth Langdon Andrews


". . . Gait, this is no game. This is a life event. At your age, you’ve seen enough to know that a single breath can spin worlds off their orbits. This is such a breath. We MUST meet today!”

Gait Morgan was silent for some time. “Meet where?” he finally asked.

Anna crossed herself, prayed that Gait wouldn’t hang up the phone, then took the plunge. 

“At Cherebrooke Farm. I’ve made all the arrangements for . . .”

“WHERE?! You can’t be serious!” Gait bellowed. He was astounded that Anna so much as mentioned the place; meeting her there was out of the question.

Suddenly, Anna was spent.  She had done all she could do, but if Gait refused to meet her, she had failed miserably.  Then, she remembered  Gait's "signal code" for life and death emergencies:  "It's about Fregene!

Reserved for the direst of straits, once it was uttered, a "Fregene code"  command must be blindly obeyed.  Would the code work for her now?  Would Gait even remember it?

"Gait," she said evenly, "it's about Fregene."